Blizzard is amazing.
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November 7th 2014 (9 years ago)
I’m watching Blizzcon right now and i am simply amazed.
First thing – Starcraft II – Legacy of the void. 3rd, last chapter of the one of the greatest campaigns and games i ever had pleasure to experience (RTS, not comapring to for example Baldurs Gate).
Since first Starcraft, I have some many great memories from LAN parties, beginnings of and playing my favourite style of terrans – “nuke rogue”… and now, finally, the “ending” of the saga.
Even better, the website for Legacy of the Void looks simply amazing. Can’t wait to buy it and relive the moments as the defender of Aiur, ah!
Altough Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void will be about Protoss story mostly, the changes they did to Terran units are making them even more versatile and powerful than before.
I mean, imagine, 6 tanks, 3 dropships, some marines and 4 ghosts with nukes… “they never saw it coming”.

And then, aside from Heroes of the Storm, something i did not anticipated at all, but I’m very optimistic about it – Overwatch. It looks like a combination of LoL, Smite and Team Fortress 2, but made in Blizzard graphic/art style – this game may be really interesting, from both perspectives – “just slaughter them” part and “hey, we need a strategy here” part.

Nevertheless, Blizzard, as always – their art, their style and their “culture” are perks i really admire.

best quote from terran unit?
“Let’s go this way really, really fast! If something gets in our way, shoot it!”