Control Save script
October 23rd 2014 (9 years ago)
At my job/hobby, there are some moments where I need to “cut” new design to xhtml/css templates or simply make a LOT of changes to already existing design to meet new standards/needs/client vision. As you may now – the quickest solution to check if the changes are ok or not is to save the file – go to web browser – click refresh – wait a second and seeif it’s ok – go back to editor – make new changes… If you do it once or twice, it’s ok, but when you’re working for 4+ hours like that, it gets really frustrating to repeat those steps and hit refresh each time to see changes (you might actually want to use hammer in the process, especially debugging design for IE6/7).

I’ve come up with a really simple solution, which for me works great and has a catchy (heh) name – “Control Save”.
You know Autohotkey?
It lets you automate a lot of annoying stuff, while being user friendly and simple, might want to take a look if you didn’t know it yet.
Back to subject – I have 2 HD monitors at my job – on one i use Sublime Text Editor/Eclipse/Aptana and on the second one are browsers, cascading to each other (or less if not needed).
When you have my script launched, clicking shortcut control + s will save a file, go to browser(s) refresh them and go back to sublime – no more switching/changing windows needed.
Simple, fast, effective.
I decided to put in on github for anyone to enjoy/edit/improve, so enjoy and here’s the link: