My first Android app!
code, android
November 26th 2014 (9 years ago)
Ok, so in the past, i did some android applications in collaboration with other developers or for clients (i was responsible for design part), but this time, I created an application totally by myself(both code and design, even some “testing”).
The application is simple, but I learned a lot from taking some “baby steps” with android development – especially, that there are a LOT of differences between android ~2.1 and ~4.2, which are sometimes not well described, even in android documentation (for example, acquiring priviliges to hardware components) Anyway my first application name is… “Yet another flashlight”!

Yup, a flashlight – 2 modes, constant light and strobe light (you can set time for strobe).

Yet another Flashlight – Paid app (no ads)

Yet another Flashlight – Free app (ads)