website crashing on apple mobile devices
code, webdev
February 23rd 2015 (9 years ago)
After some deisgn changes, my client had a very strange problem. For Apple mobile devices (especially iPad), when you clicked on some of buttons available on the website, the browser crashed and exit to home screen, tested both on Safari as well in Chrome.
At first, i thought this is Javascript problem, but after some more debugging i have found, that Javascript had nothing to do with crashing, the problem was a css attribute for one of the client icons. Crashing of the website was caused by:
animation:animation_name 2s infinite linear;
-moz-animation:animation_name 2s infinite linear;
-o-animation:animation_name 2s infinite linear;
-webkit-animation:animation_name 2s infinite linear;

The solution?

Turn off the css animation for mobiles
do the animation by Javascript, for some reasons, css infinite animations crashes the browsers on Apple mobile devices.