Windows 10 – transition and overall feeling.
June 9th 2016 (7 years ago)
I’m more a Windows guy, than Linux (using both, but Windows is… “my way to go” for 90% of the stuff i do), 3 weeks ago I updated all my OS’es to Windows 10 (from W7 and W8.1) and i am finally able to share what i think about newest Windows :).

The Installation

The installation process was 90% great experience. windows 10 was downloaded once, then i was able to create an install USB stick to update all other computers, almost no problem there… The only problem here, was the download itself – Windows has a policy, that when you decide to click the “update” button, it doesn’t necessary start to download the update itself… it schedules it to be downloaded, there’s a good post explaining it more here.

Other than that, the rest was really easy :). Installation took around 15 to 30 minutes (depending on computer setup) and made the transition really easy, no private files removed, all private settings were properly saved.

The Usage

  • Virtual desktops – fucking finally! :).

    Before that, I used Aquasnap for virtual desktops – that software is really cool.
    But now (this is something, that I was always bitching about in Windows) – support for virtual desktops… woohoo! :)
  • Stability

    Honestly…I’m the one of the guys, who have seen the Blue screen of death so rarely, that i had more stability problems with linux platforms than Windows… and i stand by it, Windows 10 is really stable, bo BSOD’s, no responsive issues, nothing :)
  • Command Prompt and Power Shell Upgraded

  • Yup, it’s simply better, nothing more to add here :).
  • Intergration with Apps

    I was quite suprised when most of my that has any notifications systems properly integrated with windows notifications – that was really cool :)

The Downside of Windows10

As always, nothing ever is without flaw, and most irritating are:
  • Automatic updates

    Yeah, really pain in the ass, but no fear, you can disable it, here is more details
  • (only with Alienware) Fan speed problem

    I have an Alienware laptop, this was the only equipment that has this problem – after update the fan speed was always 100%, even when system was idle and CPU temperature totally normal, this thread gave me some help
  • Web server enabled by default (world wide web publishing service)

    Not sure why, Windows 10 comes with web server enabled by default, which for developers/web developer can be troublesome when wanting to launch anything locally as localhost and will show an empty white page. This is in most common cases a problem with one of two things:
    world wide web publishing service – you can read about it (and how to disable it) here

    Skype using the port 80 – yeah, skype sucks… but we can make it a little better – here’s how to resolve this issue


It started long time ago and in my opinion – Windows 10 is a great way to go, same for “normal” user and any other guru’s/web devs/devs/artists etc.
Microsoft has changed some of their attitudes against some parts of their system (for example: bash on windows? here you go) and they opened up for the new possibilities, which is awesome :).