My journey started long time ago and since year 2000 I tried to collect each project i created, no matter how big or small.

To this day, I have 185 projects in my portfolio.
Here You can see them all.

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Website Design
For Sale
Personal Page - Chrome Extension
Invoice generator
Artelia Cushion Reklamation
Pajacyk.pl Autoclicker
Yet Another Flashlight
MK Design Allegro Template
Paket24 Redesign
Artelia Print Advertisement
Ke.mU Studio
Vector Dividers Set
Treasure Chest Icon
Bingo game Achievements
Racing Game UI
Benched Icon Set
Energy Drink Poster
Cog Games Logo
Pomodorro Timer
Kettlebell Instructor Poster
Kettlebell Instructor Business Card
Media Player
a-9 BMI Calculator
Water Tower Model
Ke.mU Studio Logo
Warhammer Hand-Gun Model
SteamHeart t-shirt
Light User Interface
Asyrian Theme
Maxident v.2
Maxident v.1
Yosh Business Card Concept no.3
Yosh Business Card Concept no.2
Yosh Business Card Concept no.1
Dobreprogramy.pl - Top Banner
Asus - Home Network
Galleria Theme
6 Pack Steps
Jot Contracts
Central Texas Renters Insurance
Zielona Góra - Portal Miasta
Securis 3
BettyBu Garden Company
Kaito Icon Set
Synchronize 3D Icon
Synchronize Icon
Present Icon
Opened Book Icon
Games Icon
Book 3D Icon
Clouds Icons
Yosh Logo Concepts
Soul of Prism
Mustaches Are Awesome!
Ke.mu Facebook Page
Haiku Landing Page
Magnifique-Style E-shop
Geek Guru Wallpaper
Erotic Landing Page no.2
Erotic Landing Page no.1
Woman Style
Ke.mU Studio Logo Concept
Women's World
HMF Logo concept 3
HMF Logo concept 2
HMF Logo concept 1
GroundGame.pl v.2
GroundGame.pl v.1
CHTSolutions Redesign
3D Shape boxes
UI Elements Vol.1
Yellow USA Pages
Freelinkdir.com Redesign
Zippyshare.com Redesign
Lineage 2 Clan Website
ExtJS for Yii
Raiku Wordpress Template
All Freelance Writing v.2
All Freelance Writing v.1
Water Gaming Icon Pack
Sapphire Icon Set
Prolandingpages.net Template #5
Prolandingpages.net Template #4
Prolandingpages.net Template #3
Prolandingpages.net Template #2
Prolandingpages.net Template #1
Prolandingpages.net Video Templates
Professional Landing Pages
Graffolio Logo
Weaver Icon Set
Personal Portfolio v.4.0
Hearts Icon set
Building Company
Company Design
SandBox Design
Gift Card Template
Ka'aru Wallpaper
Fantasy Style Progress Bars
Ke.mU Studio Splash Screen
Wordpress Template no.13 - Green Harmony
Na'aru Wallpaper
Wordpress Template no.12 - Blue Imagination
Wordpress Template no.11 - Red Imagination
Magical Eye Wallpaper
PK Designers
Business Card no.2
Tell Me a Story..
Winamp Skin Concept no.2
Stylish Hat Icons
Solidarność - Region Zielongórski
Business Card no.1
Business Charts Icons
FilmpeX Cinema Player Concept
Wallpaper Pack no.1
Wordpress Template no.10 - Blue World
Goodtherapy version 2
Goodtherapy version 1
Medievalish Gaming Icon Pack
Artistic Portfolio
Criminal Intensionz Login Page
Strefa Urody
Hosting Company
Winamp Skin Concept no.1
Wordpress Template no.9 - Nature
Benchmark.pl Layout
Personal Portfolio - Sky Vision
Wordpress Template no.8 - Magic
Kragi Website
Wordpress Template no.7 - Green Fluid
Wordpress Template no.6 - Curvy Blog
Wordpress Template no.5
Wordpress Template no.4 - Tech Style
Image Hosting
Vision World
Wordpress Template no.3
Plus Web Directory
Wordpress Template no.2
Wordpress Template no.1
Tales from a Big City
Web Hosting Service
'Everyone Likes Flyin'
Let's Boogie!
Macro Nature - Grass
My Green Web Corner v.2.0
My Green Web Corner v.1.0
Ka'ori Avenger
Sony Ericsson K510i
Black Heart Company
3 Red Ants Logotype's
Speed - o - meter
Afro Samurai
Giga Personal Page
Big Blue Portfolio
Big Gun Girl
2 Sides Personal Portfolio
Tv Box Menu Design - Codename Nexus
Bonsai Portfolio
Minimalistic Portfolio
Szkoła Własnych Projektów Muzycznych
S.W.P.M. - Splash Screen
Personal Portfolio Yellow Version
Personal Portfolio Water Version
Splash Screen
Personal Portfolio Road Version
Personal Portfolio Version 2.0
Ager Web Edytor
Portfolio Version 1.0
BlackSoul Company
Garfield Translated By Smoła
Music Team Latinodeo
Swing Thing
Boogie Design
MMs Center
Zielonogórska Telewizja Przewodowa
3 Red Ants CMS Logo
Sniper Mod