Name : Marcin Pietrzak
Nickname : Tooschee
Date of Birth : 18/07/1987
Nationality : Polish
Living In : Wrocław, Poland
From : Zielona Góra, Poland
Skype : tooscheeck
Mail :
Facebook :
Linked in Profile :
Over 10 years in development, creative design and leading, including:
  • web applications development (both Front-end and back-end),
  • application architecture design,
  • software development,
  • Creating "proof of concept" for new ideas (from scratch to a working solution),
  • Web / Graphic design (digital, print, stationary),
  • Graphical support of existing projects and developer teams,
  • Creating advertising materials: flyers, banners, stands, business cards etc.,
  • Documents designs: invoices, magazines, resumes, corporate documents etc.,
  • Prototyping and wireframing user interfaces dedicated for specific platform (mobile devices, Android, IOS, desktop software, web browsers, set top boxes etc.),
  • Brands identity and social media interaction,
  • Leading small teams (2 - 7 people), mentoring,
  • Brainstorming,
  • Customer support,

Specialties :

Javascript client side (React.js, Vue.js, AngularJS, jQuery), Javascript server side (Node.js, express.js), Object Oriented Programming, PHP (with frameworks/solutions: Laravel, Magento), html5/css3, Version Control (GIT, Perforce, SVN), Java ME, Java, Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, InDesign), UI/UX design

There is also a PDF version of my resume.
Download .PDF version of resume
Credit Suisse
IPF Digital
Artelia - Paket 24 GmbH
KemU Studio
Advanced Digital Broadcast
Senior Javascript Developer (Fullstack)
Creation, maintenance and further development of in-house web based applications / tools for Swiss multinational investment bank. Providing new ideas, solutions on architectural level and improvements considering both web interfaces and server management.
this includes:
  • coding of SPA applications and internal tools, servers and microservices: Node.js (Express.js / Hapi.js), React.js(with Redux / MobX), REST API’s, websockets, ECMAScripts (from 6th to 9th edition), css (SASS, LESS, StyledComponents), xhtml / html
  • server setup: Apache, Nginx, Amazon AWS
  • databases(SQL / noSQL): MongoDB, MySQL
  • testing: Jest, Jasmine, Karma, Webdriver, Selenium, Cypress
  • virtualization and server management: Vagrant, Docker, Virtualbox
  • front-end tooling: Gulp, Grunt, Webpack
  • documentation and mocking: Confluence, Storybook, Gitbook
  • API documentation: Swagger
  • continous integration: Teamcity, Jenkins
  • Version Control, reporting, documentation: JIRA, GIT, Confluence, gitbook
  • Team Management: SCRUM, out-of-the-box thinking, congenital optimism
University Of Zielona Góra
University Of Zielona Góra
Electronic Technical School
Specialty: Software development, User Interface Design
Degree: 5.0 / 5.0